We have designed hope in understanding to help people who struggle with the condition of addiction. The most important thing we want to communicate is that addiction is an actual medical and biological disorder of the brain. This makes the addict vulnerable to the unconscious demands of the brain and hijacks their conscious ability to control their use of addictive substances or other compulsive behaviors.  Addicts are not weak, bad, stupid, or crazy-their brains just operate differently especially when exposed to psychoactive chemicals.


Darryl S. Inaba, PharmD, CATC-V, CADC III

Since the late 1960s, Dr. Darryl S. Inaba has been involved with the treatment of over 350,000 substance abusers.  He has authored hundreds of technical articles, served as technical consultant on dozens of award winning drug treatment and recovery DVDs and delivered more than 1,000 professional training seminars.  He was President and CEO of San Francisco’s famed Haight Ashbury Free Clinics and one of the first recognized addiction treatment professionals. Dr. Inaba’s passion is to educate people with the disease of addiction and through understanding of this condition foster hope in their condition through sobriety.

Dr. Inaba is currently the Director of Clinical and Behavioral Health Service, Addictions Recovery Center, Medford Oregon and Director of Research and Education at CNS Productions, Inc. in Medford Oregon. Dr. Inaba is a Lifetime Fellow at Haight Ashbury Free Clinics in San Francisco and Associate Clinical Professor of Pharmacy at the University Of California San Francisco School Of Pharmacy. He also serves as Special Consultant/Instructor for the University of Utah School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies. Dr. Inaba has served on numerous boards and commissions and he has received over 90 individual awards of merit. He earned a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy in 1971 and is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC) Level V and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor III. Dr. Inaba is the author of several publications and award winning educational videos on all aspects of substance abuse work. He is a co-author of Uppers, Downers, All Arounders; the principal text on substance use disorders is being used in over 400 colleges and universities.

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